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About Me


Hi! I'm Angela Meijer, the writer of this blog. I am 22 years old and I live in Lelystad with my fiancé Daniël. We've both lived there all our lives. As soon as we moved in together, I immediately left home. Very exciting, but I certainly don't regret it! ❤️ Together we have two cats, Lucy and Noah. We both really love cats, so just after we moved in together we took them in as kittens. They really are part of our family and until we have children we consider Lucy and Noah as our 'children' 😂.


I have  ME-CFS  (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in combination with fibromyalgia), a disease which unfortunately is still quite unknown. But I'm learning to deal with it better and better. It's now a part of me, I can hardly remember what it was like before I got it. I'm also highly sensitive, which means that I'm very sensitive to emotions within myself as well as to the emotions of others. Therefore I can quickly feel how someone else is feeling or how the atmosphere in a room is. This allows me to empathize well with others, although all those emotions are sometimes very tiring and confusing 😂. 

I started this blog because I have always enjoyed writing texts. I also love beauty products. If you look in my make-up desk, it's bulging because of all the body creams, make-up and shower products. I just love to test new products. I'm still looking for the perfect mascara, foundation and razors.

Since I always enjoy reading and looking at reviews of a (beauty) product before I buy something, I will regularly post reviews here on my blog. If you would like a review of a product, let me know via a comment under an article, a message via  the contact form  or my Social Media and maybe you'll see it here on my blog one day! 🤩 Of course I will not only write about Beauty-related topics, but also articles in the style of Interior and Lifestyle. So keep an eye on my blog for that too! 

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