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body care

"Take care of your body,  it's  the only place you HAVE to live."

As the top text already says, the most important thing is to feel great in your body and skin and to take good care of it. Then you are at your best! Nowadays people sometimes want to forget that, unfortunately myself too. You see all kind of photos on social media of people with a beautiful body, which makes you sometimes think: if only I looked like that. I too am guilty of that.. While: what could be more beautiful and attractive than someone who feels comfortable and confident in his/her own body?! 😍 If you feel beautiful, you radiate it. Nothing is more beautiful and attractive than that! So I myself try not to care about those kind of photos anymore and to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own body.🥰✨

One of the ways to feel comfortable and beautiful is to take good care of your skin. I like it when my body is nice and soft, that's why I scrub my body 2 times a week and then take care of it with a body cream. And yes, that includes shaving! Even though it's winter, you'll never see me with a winter fur 🙈😂.. With a soft and well-groomed skin, I quickly feel a lot nicer and sexier! That's why I've also made a space on my blog where I want to share reviews, tips & tricks and other articles about body care, in order to share my favorite products and tips with you. You'll find a review about that one great razor or shaving foam, that very nice body scrub or, for example, tips on how to shave the best way! 


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