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"What an amazing world it would be if human beings had hearts filled with love and loyalty like dogs."

I really believe in the title above: if only all people had the love and loyalty of a dog. For example, when I see videos of dogs seeing their owners again after a very long time and the joy that shines from those animals, it really brings tears to my eyes. In general there is not a bit of hate in these animals, as long as you treat them well. They give you so much love back! That's why it always hurts me so much when dogs, but also other animals of course, are treated badly. Those animals don't deserve that, especially because they can't defend themselves and stand up for themselves like we can. They trust you as their owner.... 🥺 In movies I always find it worse when an animal dies than when a human dies. I can really shed a tear for that then, even though I know it's fake 🙈. What can I say. I'm really an animal lover.


Together with my fiancé Daniël I have two cats, Lucy and Noah. They are really our little kids! 🐱We are both cat lovers, so we really needed kittens when we started living together. Meanwhile, in 2021, they are already almost 3 years old and they can sometimes get on our nerves, haha. But apart from that they are lovely animals! Noah is a real cuddly cat, he always has been. But he's also a really scaredy-cat. Lucy on the other hand is only now starting to draw more attention to us, before she only came when it suited her or when she wanted food. Besides that, she is actually very curious and a lot less fearful than Noah 🤷🏼‍♀️.Oh and a fun fact, they are brother and sister 😍.


When I was still living at home, our family also had a Beagle named Purdey. It was a sweet little creature with a very strong will of its own and a very strong urge to look for food. Beagles are known to literally eat themselves to death. We got her when I was about 8 years old. I honestly can't remember what it was like before we had her, she really was a part of our lives. I say made on purpose as she sadly passed away January 9, 2021 due to old age, she almost would've turned 13 years old ❤️. It's always crazy and sad when a family member, because that's what she really was, passes away. But for her it was good, she had a very nice life and now has no more pain ❤️.


So I really have a love for animals and then both dogs and cats. Although I also really like birds and want a parakeet someday, or a Macaw! 😍 They are so cute and beautiful! Ideally, in a few years when Daniël and I have children, I would like a dog. I miss it and then I will be home much more than I am now. Although we have to see how it goes with our cats by that time 😂.... And those parakeets or Macaw? Well, it remains to be seen if they will ever come 🤭.


As you might understand by now I am really crazy about animals. Because of my love for animals you will also read articles about animals here! For example, crazy facts, fun activities to do with your pet, fun toys and more. So stay tuned!

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