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Toetsenbord en muis


"Every morning is a chance for a new gadget".

Daniël and I are both very much into gadgets. We replaced almost all of our lamps in the living room with LSC lamps from Action and we also have other SMART gadgets. We like the idea that, although we might now be home, some lights are switched on and off so people think we do are at home. That makes us feel safe. The same goes for the indoor and outdoor camera we have, also from Action 😂. That's why I'm going to write articles about these kinds of gadgets as well. Are you curious which gadgets I use and what I think of them? Keep an eye on my social media and this page for the latest gadgets blogs! And do you have a suggestion of a gadget you think I should try and review? Let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page and who knows you might see it appear on my blog 🤗.


Gadget blogs

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