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Blond golvend haar

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"Invest in your hair: it's the crown you never take off."

My hair has already been through a lot. For about 5 years now I have my hair bleached at the hairdresser once every six months by applying highlights. I have natural dark blond hair and didn't like it on myself, I was ready for something different! That's how my 'hairventure' (get it, hair + adventure 🤭) started. I have also been dark brown once, after which I slowly went back to the light blond that I was before. Daniël thought it looked better on me, and secretly so did I 🤭.


Because of all the bleaching and dyeing, my hair has had to endure a lot. In addition, every once in a while I get dry scabs/eczema on my neck and here and there on my scalp. Especially when I use the wrong products; my scalp is very sensitive to this!  So for this reason I'm not only looking for products that will take good care of my damaged hair, but that also don't contain harmful substances and therefor won't attack my scalp. And I can tell you, that's easier said than done.... I will therefore regularly post experiences with hair care and tips. Who knows, maybe you guys can use them too! Or maybe it's just entertaining to read about how I have used a bad product, that's also possible 😂. All in all, have fun reading!

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