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Onze woonkamer met een turquoise muur en een zwart metalen wereldkaart op de wand.
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Something I also find relaxing to do, for example, is to transform my living room. Think about moving furniture to an other place and changing accessories. Relaxing you say? Yes, definitely! 🤩 I love order, peace and regularity, but I also love to have something 'new' on a regular basis when it comes to furniture and accessories. Pretty crazy when you consider that certain rooms in our house still need to be 'improved'. Walls still need to be painted and our bedroom doesn't look like it should. In fact, apart from a new painting on the wall and replacing the window frames, it still looks exactly as it did when we moved in 😂. So that one is also in need of a make-over. So maybe you'll see a post about that soon! 🤔 Until then, enjoy the articles about interior changes, tips & tricks, the latest trends and more.


"An interior is the natural projection of the soul."

- Coco Chanel

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