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"Baking is love made visible."

I really love to bake. I prefer to bake something every weekend, but when I do that I think everyone around me gains 3 dress sizes because of all the sweet treats I make 😂. . For example, I'm still trying to master baking macarons. These almond flour and meringue based cookies really are my favorite cookies. They are just so super hard to make 😅, but one day I will succeed 🤗 .

Besides macarons, I also love to make cupcakes, flans and cakes. I do it all as a hobby so I don't sell them, but who knows what the future will bring. I always let my fiancé, family, friends and our colleagues at work (because yes, Daniël and I are partners as well as colleagues!) enjoy my baking. Very tasty, but not always convenient when there are people on a diet 🤭. 


To share my passion for baking with you, I will share my favorite recipes, fun trials, first tries and baking tips & tricks with you. So are you as crazy about baking as I am? Keep an eye on this page and my social media to see if there is a new article posted! 😍

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