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"Travelling leaves you speechless to then turns you into a storyteller."


Daniël and I both love to travel. We love to drive around without a destination. Just a nice route, some music and meanwhile chatting and looking around 🥰. We also have a boat with which we sometimes go away for the weekend in spring and summer or we go to a lake, drop the anchor and spend a day floating on the water. It's amazing! 😍. We have never really been camping together, apart from a vacation in a mobile home 😂, but we both used to do this a lot with our parents when we were little. So camping together is definitely something that is still on our bucket list together!


Besides vacations at home, we also love to go abroad. We haven't made many trips together yet, but we hope to visit many more beautiful destinations together 🤩 .


So on this page you can read all about the trips we make together, destinations that we think you should definitely visit, tips & tricks and much more about travelling. Have fun reading! 🌴

Travel blogs

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